Top 15 Most Expensive Cities To Live In Colorado


The state of Colorado is located in the central area of the United States, part of Western, Southwestern and Mountain States. It is the 8th biggest in extension and the 21st most populous state in the country. There are just over 5.5 million people living in the state, as of 2016. Its name comes from the Colorado River, which in Spanish “Colorado” came from the reddish tint the river carried from the mountains. It’s nicknamed “The Centennial State” because it was admitted to the union in 1876, 100 years after the United States Declaration of Independence.

Colorado has an average rent that is between $0 and $200 above the nation’s average. Utilities prices are around 20% below the U.S. average. Food prices have been on the rise in the Western Region since 2014 and gas is a little under the nation’s average. The index presented here is made with a reference of 100 being the U.S. average, under 100 is below average and over 100 is over average.

Colorado is a great state to live, but there are certainly some expensive places. Here we present the Top 15 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Colorado:

15. Gypsum


Population: 6,587

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 177

Gypsum is a home rule municipality located in Eagle County, to the central area of the state. It was incorporated in 1911 and named for gypsum deposits found in the nearby area. The motto  of the city is “Live, Work, Play and Be Healthy”. The economy of the city is lead by the American Gypsum company. The median income for a household is $59,671.

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